In 1956, Pastor Niles Fisher of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio contacted Paul Kirkman about coming to Fairborn to organize a New Testament Baptist Church. Brother Kirkman came to Fairborn and on February 10, 1957, Grace Baptist Church was organized under the authority of Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Grace Baptist Church had its beginning in July 1963 when a merger of Grace Baptist and Maranatha Baptist took place. Maranatha Baptist was organized in 1961 under the sponsorship of West Milton Baptist Church.

The newly organized Grace Baptist Church voted to have Brother Kirkman serve as the pastor. He served as pastor until his retirement in April of 1987.

During this time period several churches were organized under the authority of Grace Baptist Church: New Testament Baptist Church in Greentown, Ohio, Faith Baptist Church in Wauseon, Ohio and Grace Baptist Church of Oklawaha, Florida. Under the leadership of Carl Brown, Grace also authorized works in Nuremberg, Germany and Palmer, Alaska.

After the retirement of Pastor Kirkman, Pastor Donald Foose was called as pastor in April 1987. In August 1994 he felt led to start a mission work in Marysville, PA. Grace voted to send him as a missionary in Marysville. The work prospered and a church was established under the authority of Grace Baptist Church in 1996.

Pastor Steve Kittle was called as pastor of Grace Baptist in August of 1994 and resigned in 1996.

Pastor Eugene Helton was called as pastor in April of 1996. He retired in October of 2001.

Pastor Randy Graber was called as pastor in 2002 and served until the death of his wife. He accepted the call to another church in 2008.

In October of 2008, Norman R. Evans was called to be the pastor at Grace until his retirement for health reasons in 2011.

Mark Pyles was called as pastor in August of 2011 and presently serves the church.